About Us

Real Estate Isn't Simply a Job. It's Our Passion.

Have you noticed how many real estate agents seem to brag about the number of homes they’ve sold or how many awards they’ve won? In addition, they all claim to be the #1 agent of their office. Let’s be honest, do you really care about that? Sure, my real estate team sells over a hundred homes a year and we’ve won enough awards to fill a glass trophy case, but what brings joy to my heart is helping each of our families get through one of the biggest financial investments of their lives.

Many times when people contact me for the first time, they say, “I’m not sure what to do.” Let me assure you this is perfectly normal because most people simply don’t sell or buy enough homes in a lifetime to know what they need to do, much less be considered an expert.

Sellers need help figuring out what needs to be repaired or updated and many times they don’t know who to call for a handyman, painter, plumber, electrician, deck repair, etc. They are curious about what their home is worth. They don’t know how it works with timing the sale of their current home and then finding the next home. With over 500 homes sold, I will be with you every step of the way. From getting home repairs done, to providing an experienced home stager and a professional photographer, and then advertising the home to the general public and to the real estate community. After that we move to contract signing, home inspections, appraisals, final underwriting, hiring movers. The list goes on and on, but my professional team will be there with you every step of the way.

“The first impression of Ron was the perfect balance between utter professionalism and pleasant, friendly relationship that helped me through a personally rough time. I interviewed him to find out what his plan was to sell my house and, after listening to his ideas, decided there was no point in interviewing anyone else ~ this was the real deal! I cancelled all the other appointments I had set up and felt really confident about my choice right from the beginning. This really paid off big time as I got the full asking price on my home and it sold in only 4 days! Ron’s team made the whole process seamless and painless.” – Barbara Granade

Buyers need help understanding how to get pre-approved for a loan. They want to know the elements of the home buying process and what order those need to come in. They know they can search for homes online, but question whether there are other homes available that they’re not seeing (the answer is YES). They want to know how the home inspections and appraisal works and they want a seamless, and dare I say, enjoyable home buying experience. At the close of a sale, I never get tired of hearing our clients say, “That was the smoothest real estate transaction we’ve ever had.”

“My wife and I used Ron Henderson's team to purchase our home in Kansas City. It was a top-notch experience from first contact to the closing and possession of our new home. This is our first home purchase so we came with little knowledge and a lot of questions. They were readily available by phone, email, and text to ensure we were both informed and comfortable during each phase of the process. They also had a network of service providers (lenders, insurance agents) that help make a smooth experience for their customers. Should we purchase again in the Kansas City area we will use them and I can recommend them without any reservations.” – Pastor Tim Lawson

Call me and see for yourself if we are the real estate team to help your family. We will never ask you to sign any contracts up front. We simply want the opportunity to sit down in a relaxed environment and answer your questions, then share some options that might be available for your specific situation. If after that first consultation, you choose not to move forward, then you owe us nothing. If you do choose to work with us, then we can discuss the next steps at that time. We’ve found this to be an extremely professional approach and one that our clients seem to appreciate.

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