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Should I Decorate For Christmas if My House is For Sale?

Categories: Newsletter, Selling a Home | Posted: November 30, 2017

This is the time of year I always get the question, “Should I decorate for Christmas if my house is for sale?” It’s a legitimate question for sure and worth some discussion. Typically my answer is, “It depends.”

Obviously the easiest answer would be telling them not to decorate, but I do understand the joy it brings a family to decorate their home for the holidays. When I say, “It depends,” I mean it depends on the overall size of the home, the size of the Christmas tree, and the amount of decorations going up.

The biggest obstacle is usually the placement of a huge, oversized Christmas tree. If the home is a smaller split-entry that has limited space in the living room to begin with, a large 8-foot tree is typically around 4 to 5 feet wide at the base. That’s going to take up a lot of space. Common tree placement is in front of the big living room window which will block much of the natural light for that room. Putting up a much smaller tree or placing the tree in the corner is much more desirable.

Exterior lights are fine, most of the time, as long as they look professional. I typically ask  that the lights be subtle and not overdone with something like a 9 foot tall blow up Grinch in the front yard or Santa and all eight reindeer on the roof. Some tasteful lights lining the roof and maybe some white lights in the landscaping and a wreath on the door is all it takes. I usually advise avoiding doing much more than that. One other thing I’ve noticed, it seems inevitable that half the lights get put up and then someone wants to show the house.

For the interior, a little décor here and there is fine, but I advise avoiding having every single room decorated. The living room is fine, but I want buyers to see the home and not the décor.  I also prefer to see the kitchen in its natural state because the kitchen is always one of the most important rooms to buyers.

My advice for anyone selling their home during the Christmas season is to select a minimum of decorations; perhaps a little greenery and some of their favorite pieces. I don’t recommend going all out, because I want buyers to see the home and not the homeowner’s seasonal décor.



Ron Henderson

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