Real Estate Secrets: Pulling Back the Curtain on Incompetent Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Secrets 

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  • Sell your home for more money than anyone else in the neighborhood
  • Sell your home super fast with minimal hassel
  • Easily identify the improvements that will make buyers love your home
  • Protect yourself from working with a lousy real estate agent


Chapter 1 - Any Goofball Can Get a Real Estate License (and They Do!)
Chapter 2 - Part-Time, Untrained, Incompetent, and Unethical Agents
Chapter 3 - How to Locate and Interview the Right Agent
Chapter 4 - Advertising, Home Staging, Photography, and Other Things That Help Sell Your Home
Chapter 5 - Open Houses, Realtor® Luncheons, and Other Things That Do Not Work to Sell Your Home
Chapter 6 - Why Houses Don't Sell
Chapter 7 - Specialized or Niche Markets
Chapter 8 - FSBOs Final Thoughts Acknowledgments

Excerpts from the Book

Although every city typically has a few very successful real estate agents, there are also many who struggle just to make ends meet. My guess is roughly 90% of the practicing real estate agents in the market today are living hand-to-mouth and are frequently considering getting out of the business. An April 9, 2015, Inman News (a popular subscription-only online real estate news source) article stated that nearly 80% of the people who get their real estate license this year will not make it a full two years in the business before they give up and quit.

Here’s the scary part: All those inexperienced agents are “practicing” real estate while working with clients who expect them to know what they are doing. They don’t have the experience, they don’t have the skills, and they’re about one month away from quitting the business. 


New agents will constantly pour into real estate, but they don’t know any better so sometimes I can give them a pass as long as they ask someone for help. Untrained agents cause even more problems because they know just enough to be dangerous, but typically won’t ask for help. For the most part, these two categories of agents can still get the transaction done and closed with at least some small degree of professionalism.

Incompetent agents on the other hand, are just lazy and don’t care to learn about the process. They have no systems in place to service their clients and almost always give them bad advice. Returning a phone call to a potential homebuyer can be one of the easiest ways to get a home sold, yet incompetent agents don’t call people back, many times even their own clients. I’ve seen people get hurt financially from these derelicts, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.


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