On January 1st, like many people, I spent some time reflecting on this last year and wrote down some business and personal goals for 2019. As I read through the short list in front of me, I thought to myself, “This is boring. Why do I have all these boring things (like losing weight) on my list? I seriously doubt I’ll do these things. Why not write down some fun things to do. Why can’t a New Year’s resolution be entertaining?” With that in mind, here’s my NEW list for 2019.


Get your photo taken in more interesting places.

If you like to travel, instead of saying, I want to go to New York, write down that you want to take a selfie in front of the Statue of Liberty or sitting in the grass in Central Park. This puts an image in your mind that’s more powerful and may just cause you to save money for that trip. If you don’t have the resources to travel to far away places, then find some interesting places right here in Kansas City. A few examples would be taking a selfie in front of the world’s largest shuttlecocks at the Nelson Atkins Museum, photographing yourself with animals at the Kansas City Zoo, or shoot photos of 10 different fountains here in Kansas City and post them on Facebook. This will force you to visit some new places, and don’t forget to take a friend with you too!

Break a record.

According to Inc Magazine, the number one New Year’s resolution on most people’s list is to lose weight and/or get in shape. Instead of saying, “I’m going to lose weight,” why not choose to break a record? Maybe you could get down to the weight you were 10 years ago or bench press a new personal best? Possibly decide to start running again because you’ve always wondered about running a half marathon? Maybe you’ve already run a full marathon, but wanted to beat your time by a couple minutes. Write it down. Let’s do this!

Learn something you never learned as a child.

You may manage a team at work, pay your own bills, and parallel-park like a pro, but do you know how to whistle really loud using your fingers? Maybe as a young girl, you never learned how to properly put on makeup? I always found it odd that my wife never learned how to ride a bike as a kid. I have one word for you – YouTube. You can learn anything on YouTube these days. Personally I’m shocked at how many people today don’t know how to properly type. I’m talking about learning to hold your hands properly over the keys and type with more than two index fingers. Do you realize how much time you’d save every day if you just learned how to type faster? Just go to YouTube and type the phrase, “teach me how to type” and you’ll find hundreds of videos with great information. 

Try a new food each month. 

A few years ago, one of my co-workers took me to an Asian restaurant and I tried sushi for the first time. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d like it, but I found that I love many different kinds of sushi, especially spicy tuna roll with wasabi and soy sauce. In writing this article, it occurred to me that I’ve never tried Indian, Greek, Thai, or Vietnamese food either. Maybe I should search out these cultural restaurants in our beautiful city and try them. Who knows, maybe I’ll like them too?

Do something nice for someone else every single day.

Many of our resolutions are inwardly focused, concentrating on ways to become thinner, healthier, wealthier people. However, while there is nothing wrong with improving yourself, it’s worth remembering there’s a whole world out there too. This year, why not make a resolution to focus outward instead and help make the world a better place? Plan to do one nice thing a day for someone else; whether it’s something small like giving a compliment, or something potentially life-saving like donating blood or sponsoring a child in need.

I meet with an accountability partner every Wednesday at 4:00 PM. One of the questions he asks me is, “What did you do this week to make your wife feel special?” Just knowing that he’s going to ask me this simple question each week, forces me to consider doing something selfless for my wife. It causes me to put things on my calendar like taking off early on Friday afternoon to spend quality time with her. I’m grateful for that accountability because it’s improved my marriage. This year I’m thinking about other people in my life that I can add to this list. What can I do for other people around me to make them feel special?

I hope this list has made you think about new things for 2019. I’d love to hear what you come up with. It’s going to be a GREAT YEAR!! May God bless you.