There are many frustrating things that I have to deal with in real estate, but hands down the most frustrating of them all is when someone chooses an incompetent real estate agent to work with. In the last 30 days alone, I’ve spoken with over a dozen unhappy sellers that have either fired their current REALTOR, or were at least thinking about it. In the real estate industry, we call those “canceled” or “expired” listings. 

Last year around June, the real estate market in Kansas City shifted. All of a sudden, homes that were selling in 48 hours, were now sitting on the market for weeks. The problem is that most real estate agents were not paying attention and they didn’t notice the shift. As the summer months went by, they continued to put homes on the market at very high prices. Unfortunately, now those homes were not selling and six months later, many of them are still not sold. Many of these homeowners get frustrated and fire their real estate agent. My team aggressively goes after these “expired” and “canceled” listings because we know they are great homes and we can get them sold.

One seller client we met with this last week in Olathe had chosen their agent and was convinced he was the right person for the job of selling their home. Unfortunately, the agent suggested a listing price that was $30,000 over all the comparable sold properties. The home sat on the market for 45 days without a single showing! Calls to the agent got nowhere and eventually they made the decision to fire him. An experienced agent on my team met with the sellers to confirm their home is in great shape, located in a desirable area, and felt she could get it sold pretty quickly. Unfortunately their previous agent had led them to believe their home was worth $485,000 when everything comparable had sold for $435,000 to $460,000 in the last year. Trust me, that’s a challenging conversation to have with a homeowner, but my team believes in being very honest with our clients. I’m sure this was a punch in the gut to the sellers, but ultimately they made the right choice and signed with my team at $455,000.

Another one of my agents spoke with a gentleman in Blue Springs whose home was previously on the market for over 100 days with very little showings and no offers. The photos were terrible, the description of the property was not flattering, and it was pretty clear to my team member that the homeowner was getting some bad advice from his agent. When asked, “Why do you think your home didn’t sell?” he said, “Well, I guess I probably shouldn’t have hired a bartender to sell my home.” Apparently, his REALTOR was a full time bartender and a part time real estate agent. I’m not sure if he actually knew that from the beginning, but he clearly understood that now.

Every day, my team members are talking to people about helping them buy or sell a home. We hear horror stories of lazy, incompetent REALTORS that they’ve worked with in the past. Right now it’s worse than ever because over the past two years, an estimated 5,000 new real estate agents have poured into the Kansas City real estate market. Many of them are part time agents, but too many times even the full time REALTORS don’t bother to educate themselves. They practice on live clients every day and they cost their clients big money with their incompetence. 

Those of you that have worked with us in the past know the difference. Many of you have been kind enough to review us on Zillow and we really appreciate that. I think reading through these reviews, you can get a sense of how much my team cares about our clients. We strive to advise them at a very high level, even if we sometimes have to give them some bad news. The word “honest” comes up a lot in our clients’ reviews and we know they appreciate that.

This year in 2019, we are asking everyone to refer their friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to us when they need expert real estate advice. We promise to take very good care of our clients and work very hard for them as if they were our own family. Many people are already referring their friends to us, but with so many bad agents out there, it’s more critical than even that you plead with them to call us.