Would you mind if I brag about my team members? I’m so proud of them because this last week we sold our 100th home and it’s very likely that by the end of 2019 we will set a new team record for the number of home sales in one year. Personally, I like to think about this in terms of the number of families we’ve helped versus the number of homes sold. We’ve already hit a new volume of sales record at $25 million and it’s only mid-September. 

Real estate sales is hard work. Sure, it’s not like digging ditches or manual labor, but many people are nervous, anxious, frustrated, or even angry, going through a real estate transaction. Managing emotions is a big part of this business and it wears you down quickly when something goes sideways at the beginning of your day. Sometimes I feel like real estate agents should get their professional counselor’s license before pursuing their real estate license.

Every now and then I run into someone that tells me they used to have their real estate license, but it was too hard so they quit. Sometimes I ask them why they felt it was so hard. The number one answer I hear is, “Well, there were just too many things that could go wrong. It was hard controlling everything and my clients got upset. I just couldn’t deal with that.” The number two answer they give me is, “It was a lot harder to get business than I thought it would be. I don’t want to cold-call people so I just got out of the business after 4 months.”

The National Association of Realtor statistics say that 90% of the people that get their real estate license this year will quit within the first 12 months. That’s a horrible statistic, but year after year it continues to be true. Too many people get into this business because they think it would be fun to show homes, be their own boss, or make a lot of money. They really have no concept that you are basically running your own business and wearing twelve different hats. 

For the agents on my team, they just want to focus on what they’re good at – being with clients. There is nothing better than finding that perfect home for your buyers and seeing the excited look on their faces when you tell them, “You got the home! The sellers have accepted your offer.” Or sitting with the sellers at the closing table and hearing them say, “That was the easiest home sale we’ve ever had. You guys are awesome!”

My team has worked super hard to find the very best homes for our clients and get our seller’s homes sold for top dollar. That’s one reason why Dave Ramsey now ranks us as their top real estate team in the Kansas City area and number 12 in the nation of over 500 agents. I can’t personally take credit for that. It’s my team that accomplished that.

Kevin Buchanan, Amanda McCoy, Hannah VerDerson, and John Harris are very experienced and talented real estate agents. I’m excited to see what they’ll do for their clients in the future and how many more families they’ll get to help before the end of this year. I also have two very sharp employees that handle all the office details, paperwork, and communication. We simply could not do this without Elizabeth Gilbert and Barbara DePeralta supporting us and our clients. 

If you know anyone that needs to sell or buy in the greater Kansas City area, we would love to help them. We now cover the entire city, both Kansas and Missouri so let us know if you have someone we should meet. Ron Henderson 816-651-9001.