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Monthly Archives: June 2020

    The Game of Monopoly and Its Anti-Capitalist Origins

    By Ron Henderson | June 26, 2020

    Today’s news is filled with the world’s battle of socialism versus capitalism. While reading one article this week, I stumbled across a little known fact that the creator of the game Monopoly had originally intended the game to be a teaching tool about the injustices of capitalism. How bizarre! The earliest recognizable version of what... Read More

    Why Are Japanese Homes Disposable?

    By Ron Henderson | June 12, 2020

    I recently read an article that said in most countries houses get more valuable over time, but in Japan, a new buyer will often bulldoze the home. The article quotes Jiro Yoshida, a professor at Penn State University who specializes in real-estate economics, as saying, “There are nearly four times as many architects in Japan... Read More

    Walking with Shawn

    By Ron Henderson | June 5, 2020

    This year has been a challenging time for me and I’m sure many of you reading this article as well. With so much turmoil and hatred being broadcast by the media and Facebook, I just can’t watch it anymore. This morning I just needed to read something positive so I searched the internet and read... Read More