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Monthly Archives: August 2020

    How This Pandemic Will Reshape Our Homes

    By Ron Henderson | August 25, 2020

    Because I’m in the business of real estate, I try to watch the treads in new home construction a little closer than most people. Although most of the new construction homes that are now being built in Kansas City were already in the planning stages prior to the COVID outbreak, some interesting new data has... Read More

    Why Do I Need to Make Home Improvements Before Selling?

    By Ron Henderson | August 25, 2020

    My real estate team meets with hundreds of potential sellers every year. Most of them seem to understand the importance of making repairs and improvements to the home before putting it on the market, but we also speak with quite a few of them that just want to sell their home “as is” and not... Read More

    Through the Eyes of a Business Owner

    By Ron Henderson | August 12, 2020

    When I was in high school, my father and step-mother moved to Pompano Beach, Florida and bought a boat rental business on Atlantic Boulevard. Thousands of people flood into southern Florida every year on vacation and renting a boat to drive up and down the inter-coastal waterway is a big attraction, so it was a... Read More

    8 Ways to Stay Positive in a Negative World

    By Ron Henderson | August 6, 2020

    I’ve always been a very positive, upbeat, optimistic person throughout my life. This year, however, has been pretty challenging, but I’m a person that tries not to dwell on the negative issues in life and instead, focus on the positive. In an effort to help my readers, I decided this week’s article should be about... Read More