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Monthly Archives: January 2021

    Sources of Down Payment for Buying a Home

    By Ron Henderson | January 29, 2021

    When buying a home, a common question that many people ask is, “Where can I get the money for my down payment?” You might be surprised at how many different sources you can use, so I asked our #1 lender, Josh Chrans to write this article for me. Josh is a fantastic lender and he’s... Read More

    No Risk Home Sale Program

    By Ron Henderson | January 22, 2021

    Last week’s article described the four options for selling your home in Kansas City. Truth be known, there is a fifth option, but it’s only available with my real estate team. We call it our “No Risk Home Sale Program.” Here’s the challenge that I find with many people in this real estate market. They... Read More

    4 Options for Selling Your Current Home

    By Ron Henderson | January 15, 2021

    It’s pretty common that most homeowners struggle with figuring out how to sell their current home and get moved into a new home. Many of them don’t want to move twice. They want to sell their current home and move straight into the new home. They don’t want to be rushed though and they want... Read More

    I’m Not Ready to Sell Today, but I Need Your Advice

    By Ron Henderson | January 6, 2021

    People think when they call a real estate agent to come over and look at their home, they have to be completely ready to go on the market and serious about selling. I think that’s why most sellers are a little hesitant to call me. They assume that if I come over to their home... Read More

    2020: My Year in Review

    By Ron Henderson | January 1, 2021

    On December 31st, I like to look back on the year and try to remember the good things that happened to me. 2020 was a challenging year for sure, unlike any other, but there were some good times, along with the bad times, that made it an extra special year for me. The year began... Read More