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Monthly Archives: April 2021

    Make It Easy for People to Do Business with You

    By Ron Henderson | April 21, 2021

    I love companies that make it easy for me to do business with them. This last week I traveled to Manhattan, Kansas, for a small convention and stayed at a Fairfield Inn by Marriott. It was a beautiful hotel, was conveniently located next to the convention center, and had a very modern feel. The best... Read More

    Waiting for a Buyer’s Market

    By Ron Henderson | April 15, 2021

    A few weeks ago, I was exchanging emails back and forth with a potential home buyer. In her initial email she made this statement, "I personally believe now is a bad time to buy. I’m looking at houses going for $400,000 that sold for $300,000 just five years ago. This just seems crazy! I’m leaning more toward saving more money for my downpayment and waiting for a buyers market. But in the meantime, I’m throwing away money on a rental. I'm not sure what to do." Read More