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Monthly Archives: November 2022

    When is the perfect time to get pre-approved for a mortgage?

    By Ron Henderson | November 30, 2022

    I wish that homebuyers understood the importance of getting pre-approved for a mortgage. Too many times, they start looking at homes online, touring open houses and even talking to a real estate agent well in advance of actually getting that pre-approval letter. Look, I get it, digging into your financial situation isn’t the fun part.... Read More

    Thousands of Realtors Quitting the Business

    By Ron Henderson | November 19, 2022

    In March 2020 when the pandemic hit, the restaurant where Jennifer Smith was working as a waitress announced a temporary closure. By June, it turned into a permanent one. Unemployment was a shock for Jennifer, who had been working in the restaurant industry for 15 years. “That was heartbreaking,” she said. “Being in the restaurant... Read More

    Being a Realtor® is not what you think it is

    By Ron Henderson | November 4, 2022

    Being a Realtor® is one of those occupations that many people are interested in. Friends tell me all the time, “I thought about getting my real estate license at one point” or they’ll tell me they had their license for a while but quit within a few months. When I question them further about this,... Read More