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Monthly Archives: September 2023

    Finding A Home To Buy In Kansas City Is No Easy Task

    By Ron Henderson | September 15, 2023

    Kansas City neighborhoods these days, finding a home for sale is no easy task. Bobby and Sarah Adams recently experienced this firsthand when they purchased a house in Olathe. Their journey involved six weeks of searching and ultimately going $20,000 over their initial budget, a decision they consider themselves fortunate to have made. Read More

    The Delicious History of Kansas City: From Possum Trot to BBQ Haven

    By Ron Henderson | September 8, 2023

    s a city with a rich history and an even richer culinary tradition. Kansas City, Missouri, is renowned for its mouthwatering barbecue, but did you know that in 1853, it almost bore a rather peculiar name? "Possum Trot" and "Rabbitville" were two proposed monikers for this vibrant metropolis, and their roots are as fascinating as the flavors that have since made Kansas City a barbecue haven. Read More

    12 Essential Questions to Ask When Considering a Home with Solar Panels

    By Ron Henderson | September 1, 2023

    Last week I wrote an article about solar panels from the homeowners perspective and asked the question, “Do solar panels really increase the value of my home?” I received a lot of feedback on that article, but many people had questions about the buyers perspective and specifically, what questions they should be asking if considering... Read More