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Monthly Archives: March 2024

    When Will Home Prices Be Affordable Again?

    By Ron Henderson | March 15, 2024

    As a seasoned Realtor serving the Kansas City area, I understand the dreams and concerns of prospective homebuyers. In recent years, one question has consistently topped the list of inquiries: “When will home prices be affordable again?” It’s a valid concern and one that deserves careful consideration. Let’s dive into this pressing issue and explore... Read More

    Kansas City’s National WWI Museum and Memorial Holds Unique Significance

    By Ron Henderson | March 1, 2024

    In the heart of Kansas City, there’s a special place that honors the heroes of World War I. It’s called the National WWI Museum and Memorial, and it’s more than just a museum – it’s a symbol of unity and remembrance. But what factors led to Kansas City’s selection for this project, which held such... Read More