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Author Archives: Ron Henderson

    The #1 Most Difficult Thing About Moving

    By Ron Henderson | May 15, 2024

    Having lived in the home for years, clutter has accumulated to overwhelming levels. This, I believe, is one of the primary reasons why people dread moving. They struggle to confront the sheer volume of their personal belongings and the daunting task of deciding what to do with everything. It's too bad that most people wait until they sell the home to do this. Read More

    Are Real Estate Agents Still Necessary?

    By Ron Henderson | May 7, 2024

    I recently heard someone say, “Buyers can find homes on their own now, so agents aren’t really necessary.” I had to pause and regret the mistake many of us have made for making you, the consumer, think that all we do is find the house. Real estate reality TV has fed into the myth, and... Read More

    When Will Home Prices Be Affordable Again?

    By Ron Henderson | March 15, 2024

    As a seasoned Realtor serving the Kansas City area, I understand the dreams and concerns of prospective homebuyers. In recent years, one question has consistently topped the list of inquiries: “When will home prices be affordable again?” It’s a valid concern and one that deserves careful consideration. Let’s dive into this pressing issue and explore... Read More

    Kansas City’s National WWI Museum and Memorial Holds Unique Significance

    By Ron Henderson | March 1, 2024

    In the heart of Kansas City, there’s a special place that honors the heroes of World War I. It’s called the National WWI Museum and Memorial, and it’s more than just a museum – it’s a symbol of unity and remembrance. But what factors led to Kansas City’s selection for this project, which held such... Read More

    Quirky New Year’s Eve Traditions Around the World

    By Ron Henderson | December 29, 2023

    ock ticks down to midnight on December 31st, people around the world prepare to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one with open arms. While some choose to celebrate in a more conventional manner with fireworks and champagne toasts, others embrace the eccentric and participate in bizarre New Year's Eve traditions that have been passed down through generations. Read More

    Unwrapping the Bizarre Christmas Traditions Around the Globe

    By Ron Henderson | December 22, 2023

    The holiday season is a time of joy, warmth, and tradition, but not all Christmas celebrations are decked with the familiar trimmings of stockings, mistletoe, and jolly old St. Nick. Across the globe, some cultures embrace quirky and downright peculiar customs that add a unique twist to the festive season. In this article, we'll take a sleigh ride around the world to explore some of the most bizarre Christmas traditions. Read More

    Kansas City Is Still A Sellers Market

    By Ron Henderson | December 15, 2023

    Many people frequently ask me about the current real estate market, wondering, “How is it these days?” One statement that often catches them off guard is that we are still experiencing a “seller’s market” in Kansas City. I believe many people automatically presume that the market is unfavorable and home prices are on the decline.... Read More

    The Rich Heritage of Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza

    By Ron Henderson | December 8, 2023

    stament to innovation and foresight of city planning, earning its reputation as the nation's first outdoor shopping center. Built in the early 1920s, this architectural gem not only accommodated the growing popularity of automobiles but also transformed a once unattractive stretch of land south of the city into a vibrant and culturally rich destination. Drawing inspiration from the timeless charm of Seville, Spain, the Plaza has become a landmark that seamlessly blends history, commerce, and community. Read More

    The Real Estate Market’s Competitive Surge: What to Expect if Interest Rates Drop

    By Ron Henderson | November 10, 2023

    This has been a very strange year for real estate as we’ve seen the pendulum swing from a super strong sellers market in January 2023, back to a more balanced real estate market in the Fall. Interest rates for home mortgages were at 6.50% at the beginning of the year, but we continued to see... Read More

    The Current High Cost of New Home Construction in Kansas City

    By Ron Henderson | October 27, 2023

    It’s not uncommon for me to get several inquiries per month from people who are considering building or buying a brand new home. The conversation typically begins like this. “We’ve been thinking about buying land and building a new home, but we can’t find anything in our price range of $350,000 to $400,000.” That’s when... Read More