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No Risk Home Sale Program

Last week’s article described the four options for selling your home in Kansas City. Truth be known, there is a fifth option, but it’s only available with my real estate team. We call it our “No Risk Home Sale Program.”

Here’s the challenge that I find with many people in this real estate market. They are looking at homes online and possibly even visiting a few open houses. They find a couple homes they might consider, but they can’t buy any of them because their current home isn’t ready to sell. They know they still need to make repairs, declutter, clean it up, and possibly make some minor updates. They’d like to write an offer on that new home with the hope that the sellers will wait for them to get their home on the market and under contract.

The problem is, they’re just dreaming. This is never going to happen because in this super strong seller’s market, home sellers are not going to take their home off the market and wait several weeks while you get your home repairs made, do some light staging, take photographs, and get it on the market. Having said that, they might consider your “contingent offer” if you were truly ready to put it on the market within two days and get it sold quickly. That’s where we come in.

If you’re serious about selling your current home this year, l hope you’ll consider calling me to discuss the details of our no risk program and see if it’s right for you. It doesn’t cost you any money so why not at least check it out? Here’s the short details.

Step 1
We send one of our highly trained real estate agents to your home to identify what needs to be done to sell your home for top dollar in the least amount of time.

Step 2
We pay our home stager to make suggestions on furniture arrangement and de-cluttering. You make the necessary repairs or improvements.

Step 3
We pay our photographer to take quality, high-definition photos.

Step 4
Our agent helps you find your new dream home and get it under contract for purchase, contingent on the sale of your current home.

Step 5
We immediately put your home on the market, receive offers, and negotiate a closing date for you that aligns with the purchase of your next home.

Step 6
You move into your new home and are so pleased with our service that you send us the contact information of someone else you know that needs help buying or selling a home!

Sounds simple enough, right? The great thing about this program is it gives you the opportunity to wait and find your new home without being too rushed. If for whatever reason you change your mind during this process, or we can’t find a new home that you’re completely satisfied with, we cancel our contract and you owe us absolutely nothing. That’s why we call it our No Risk Home Sale Program. The risk is all on me because I’m so confident that we can make this happen for you, that I’m willing to spend my money upfront for the stager, photographer, and some administrative work.

If you are even moderately interested in the details of this program, let’s begin with a simple email. I can be reached at Just give me your name, phone number, address, and any details you feel are important, and a time that’s convenient for you to talk and I’ll give you a call. It’s that simple, but don’t take my word for it. Read this story below of how we helped one of our past clients through this process.

“We knew we wanted to move, but we were nervous that if we put our house on the market and got it under contract, that we would be homeless if we couldn’t find the next home very quickly. So we let Ron Henderson & Associates come over to our house, advise us what repairs and staging to do, and we let them go ahead and take photos. Then we started looking seriously for our new home. It took a couple weeks, but once we found it, we made an offer. The day after our offer was accepted, we put our home on the market and got it under contract within just a few days. Ron was able to time it so that we closed on both houses at the same time and we even had a few days to move out of the old one and into the new one. I’m so glad we decided to listen to Ron and follow his plan because it really took away a lot of our fear and anxiety about selling.” – Aaron & Elizabeth Gilbert

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