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    REALTORS® and Our Love-Hate Relationship with the Internet

    By Elizabeth Gilbert | March 17, 2020

    The internet has obviously transformed our lives, but as a REALTOR®, I sometimes have this love-hate relationship with it. I love it because it saves me countless hours of time and helps me sell homes faster, but it also causes some of my clients to be upset, frustrated, and even downright angry. Sometimes that misguided... Read More

    Dumb Things I Did When I Was Young

    By Elizabeth Gilbert | March 17, 2020

    The other day I was talking to a friend from high school. After hanging up the phone, I started to chuckle to myself. My wife heard me and said, “What’s so funny?” I told her, “I was just thinking about all the stupid things I used to do with that guy when we were in... Read More

    The Sellers Are Spying On You!

    By Elizabeth Gilbert | March 17, 2020

    This last week, a friend of mine posted a video on Facebook asking if anyone recognized this man in the video. Apparently, while they were out of town on vacation, a somewhat suspicious-looking man pulled into their driveway, got out of his pickup, and walked up to their outbuilding to check the door to see if... Read More

    I’m Grateful We Live in a Prosperous Country

    By Elizabeth Gilbert | March 17, 2020

    A few weeks ago, I traveled to El Salvador. Going to another country like that will open your eyes to many things and I believe everyone should experience this at least once in their lives. It’s not only culturally different, but it’s also economically different too. You notice this pretty quickly as you pay for a... Read More

    Playing the Blame Game

    By Elizabeth Gilbert | March 17, 2020

    This last week we had a client that closed on their new construction home. I wasn’t happy with the situation at all because the home was still not completely finished on the day of closing, but the buyers needed to get closed and move in. Normally, closing on a new construction home would be a... Read More

    The Red Bathroom From Hell

    By Elizabeth Gilbert | March 17, 2020

    Real estate is for sure an exciting business and if you ever want to hear some weird stories, just ask a REALTOR® to have drinks with you sometime. A current client posted something on Facebook this week that reminded me of a bizarre situation I found myself in a few years ago. I thought you... Read More

    Sellers Are Laughing at Lowball Offers

    By Elizabeth Gilbert | March 17, 2020

    I think by now most consumers realize we are in a very strong seller’s market here in Kansas City. Many home sellers are getting multiple offers and driving the sales price higher and higher. As long as there is a shortage of inventory and high demand for new homes, prices will continue to rise. This... Read More

    Arriving Summer of 2020: The New FICO 10 Scoring Model

    By Ron Henderson | March 12, 2020

    A few weeks go, the Fair Isaac Corp. announced a new credit scoring model rolling out this summer that could change over 110 million consumers’ credit scores. But the changes to FICO’s model won’t alter your score significantly if your credit habits already score well with the company. FICO is a popular credit scoring model... Read More