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Smart Home Upgrades: Are You Ready?

Self-driving cars, speeding bullet trains, towering skyscrapers, and voice-activated responsive homes; all of these once belonged purely to the futuristic realm of science fiction. Today, however, smart tech permeates our daily lives.

Smart homes are the way of the future, and savvy homeowners know it to be true. According to research, 65% of homeowners have at least one smart tech device in their home. Smart home upgrades boost home values, help property owners save money, and reduce homeowners’ carbon footprints.

Plus, with automation and AI capabilities built in, some smart tech devices can save busy working parents precious hours each day, providing more time throughout the week- and even year- for attending to work tasks and relaxing with the family.

So, what should you know about smart tech for your home?

In this article, we will take a look at some popular smart home upgrades, so you too can be ready as Smart Homes, the stuff of science fiction, become increasingly normal and real.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Imagine having a helpful, live-in kitchen assistant. They would greet you with a fresh, steaming hot cup of coffee each morning, and help you prepare lunch and dinner every day. Having an assistant like that would help take the stress out of your daily routine, allowing you to prioritize other tasks with the peace of mind that comes from being well-fed and caffeinated- and knowing that your family’s food needs are being attended to.

Now imagine if that kitchen assistant was part of your home itself.

New smart tech devices are allowing homeowners everywhere to easily upgrade their kitchens, so the kitchen itself helps with the daily routine.

Since most smart tech gadgets will be connected to your home wi-fi network, you will want to make sure that your home has a strong, reliable internet connection. That way, as soon as you are ready to pour your cup, the water is just the perfect temperature and ready to go.

Automated coffee makers can be programmed to offer up that hot cup o’ joe first thing in the morning, without wasting time waiting for the water to heat up and the coffee to slowly drip to perfection. Instead, you can start your day right away with a caffeine boost. For those tea drinkers who prefer to indulge in several cups of tea throughout the day, the Smarter Kettle can allow you to program your kettle to pre-boil from an app on your phone, or respond to voice commands.

Keeping Track of Things

For any kitchen maven, particularly those who cook for their family everyday, keeping track of kitchen supplies and ingredients is a constant hassle. What are you out of- and did you forget that one key ingredient during your second trip to the grocery store in as many days? Just how old is that condiment in the back of the fridge?

Smart gadgets can help with these issues. For starters, you can easily install a smart fridge magnet, like the Hiku kitchen button, that will allow you to create grocery lists on the go. You can scan product barcodes onto the device, or state aloud the names of ingredients, cooking supplies, and cleaning supplies that need to be replenished.

The app compiles a shopping list that you can access remotely while you’re at the grocery store. Or you can use an Amazon-synced device to automatically order more supplies directly from the online retailer itself, simply by stating your supply needs aloud. They will be delivered at your door without you having to worry about hauling them home from the shop.

As far as keeping track of expiration dates, try a smart suction cup device that sticks onto your jars and bottles. This type of digital tracker, like the one offered by DaysAgo, serves as a simple timer; set the timer when you open the jar and it will keep track of how many days have passed for you, so you can easily recognize when something is past its prime.

Safe and Secure

Another popular smart tech home upgrade is in the realm of home security systems. Smart home cameras that use thermal imaging, facial recognition, and panoramic viewing technologies can allow you to see who is at your door- even if you are not home. Access the video camera footage from your smart phone or tablet, and you can feel secure that your home is safe from the office, a vacation, or while you are out for the day.

Monitor Your Energy

From smart lightbulbs to energy-monitoring electrical outlets, new smart gadgets are being rolled out with the intention of keeping our homes environmentally friendly- and keeping our utility bills extremely low.

Smart home energy monitors can read and track your home’s electrical usage one hundred million times per second, allowing you to chart how efficient- and effective- your homes’ energy usage is throughout the day. Viewing the results from an app on your phone, you can easily discern where your home energy usage needs improvement. And it can help you assess any potential risks and dangers, like faulty equipment or old sockets. These devices can utilize machine learning techniques to survey all the devices in your home, both smart and dumb.

Smart lighting solutions, meanwhile, can automatically turn themselves off when they are not necessary. So, if, for example, you left the lights on in the bedroom before going out of the house, the smart bulbs could automatically dim or turn off. Some smart lighting solutions include remote access, so you can even program the lighting to adjust from outside your home.

Time to Upgrade

From high tech kitchen gadgets to futuristic energy savers, the types of smart home upgrades you can use today are practically endless. The important takeaway? Smart home upgrades are not just the way of the future. From convenience, to luxury, to safety, consider your lifestyle needs and desires as you decide which smart home upgrades you’d like to make. And embrace the possibilities; smart tech is here to stay.

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