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The Spring Market Is Happening Now

It’s the end of February and every year about this time, people tell me they want to sell their home in the spring. What they don’t realize is we are already well into the spring market right now.

Just this last weekend my real estate team got four different buyer clients under contract to purchase a home. These clients will close on their new homes in March and April, so those people will be moving in the spring. Too many sellers wait to call me until April and they are not fully aware of the timeline involved with selling their home.

Our typical seller needs some repairs made and these things take time. Typically they need to replace a few light fixtures, broken faucets, repaint a couple of rooms, or replace some worn carpet. If I meet with them today on February 28th and give them a list of things to do, it almost always takes two to four weeks to complete them. Now we are at the end of March and ready to have the home professionally staged and photographed. That may take another week and push us into April.

Assuming we get the home on the market the second week of April, it could actually take two or three weeks to find the right buyer and get a contract on the home. Now we are into the first week of May. It will easily take four to six weeks to get through home inspections, appraisals, underwriting the loan, title work, etc. By the time the sellers are ready to move, it’s already June! Keep in mind, they started this process on February 28th. If these same sellers waited until April to call me, they’ll be moving into their new home in the heat of the summer near July or August.

My real estate team can sell a home at any time of the year. There is no “best time” to sell a home in my opinion, but if you do have a time that is best for your family, call me now so we can begin planning for that. We can move fast when it’s necessary, but sometimes it just takes more time than you think. Ron Henderson 816-651-9001

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