We’re Hiring Licensed Real Estate Agents


A message from Ron Henderson…

Remember why you first got into real estate? You thought it would be fun to show houses and help people buy their new dream home. Then reality set in, as you realize, “This is hard work! I’m working all hours of the day and night, plus weekends too. I have to do all this paperwork that I hate. I’m spending a lot more money than I thought it would cost to keep this going. Everyone wants to sell me some new lead generation tool that I honestly can’t afford, but I sure could use more leads. I don’t really have a coach or mentor available to answer all my questions and tell me what to say to potential clients. I have no one to back me up when I get sick, and I can’t take a vacation. I’m afraid I’ll never be successful, and I’m not sure whether to just keep going or quit.

If this is you, and you find yourself frustrated, I want you to know that selling real estate does not have to be like this. There is a world out there where you have a mentor to guide you through this and help you get much better in just a few months, not years. Someone to pay all the advertising and marketing bills for you. Someone that can provide you with additional lead sources and help you with scripts to double, or triple your current business. Someone that can provide a very high level of systems and administrative help so that you rarely have to touch any paperwork ever again. Wouldn’t it be nice to be working with a highly trained team that could fill in for you if needed? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a real estate career where all you had to do was continue to stay in front of clients and sell homes?

I am looking for licensed agents to join our team. If you’ve been in the business at least one year and have sold more than a dozen homes in the last 12 months, I’d like to talk with you . My team is with Keller Williams Realty, but it is not necessary that you’re currently with KW to be considered. I am happy to keep this call confidential if you like.

You can achieve your financial goals and have more time for your own life.





We’re Hiring Office Staff

We’re looking for someone who loves details, spreadsheets, filling out forms, catching mistakes, and helping people. The right person will work alongside our agents to make sure our clients are getting the highest level of customer service.

If you want a career and a great place to work, we’d love to speak with you!