As a real estate agent that sells over 100 homes per year in the Kansas City area, I get asked a lot of questions, but one of the most common is, “What interior color should I use to paint my home if I’m going to put it on the market?”

Great question and I’m always glad they’re asking me this question instead of just guessing or asking their friends. Because my real estate team works with so many buyers, we know exactly what the buyers like to see. The color you choose can create a specific mood or feeling for the room so it’s critical to get this right. Too many times people will ask their friends or family that’s not in the business or they’ll just paint it a “neutral color” that may actually be too light or slightly the wrong tone.

Below are a few colors that I’ve used in the past. Which colors are right for your home may depend on several factors, so before you pick up that paint brush, I would encourage you to call me and let me take a quick look at the home.

Straight Gray Color:
SW 7016 Mindful Gray
SW 7018 Dovetail

Blueish Gray:
SW 7072 Online
SW 7073 Network Gray

Beige or Taupe:
SW 7039 Virtual Taupe
SW 6067 Mocha
SW 6108 Latte SW
6102 Portabello

Greenish Beige:
SW 6151 Quiver Tan
SW 6172 Hardware

SW 6520 Honest Blue
SW 6507 Resolute Blue